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Fashionable girls’ clothes and girls’ clothing from PINTO Wear

We are a Polish brand that creates fashionable clothes for girls, and at the same time supports them in many ways! From under the PINTO needle come out things in which your child will feel confident and beautiful. We have lovely dresses, skirts, bodysuits or blouses for you. We also didn’t forget about pants, leggings, soft sweatshirts and even pajamas! Here you will find everything you need in a little girl’s closet.

Your little one will feel the maximum freedom they need to explore the world in PINTO. We promise that our clothing for girls will be liked by both children and parents!

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It’s all about GRLPWR

We support girls to be confident individuals – now and in the future. We add them courage on their way to the top.

We want them to be themselves and do what they like, without thinking about what girls “should” and “shouldn’t” do. We help them freely explore the world – in their own way, without regard for stereotypical social roles or conventions.

What is important to us?

  • Made in Poland

    A brand in its own right. Our entire production process is carried out in Poland. From design to production to sales. We support the Polish economy, we pay taxes here, we increase employment in the sector. We are simply being honest.

  • Girl power

    Our collection is dedicated to inspiring women who, with their achievements, prove to the next generation of young women that gender cannot be an obstacle to realizing oneself and reaching the top in life. We do not avoid talking about difficult, important and overlooked topics.

  • Ecology

    We use only certified materials. The production process is carried out within a radius of 200 kilometers. We optimize the production process to use every scrap of material. We support efforts to give clothes a second life.

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Girls’ clothing made of high quality materials

Non-synthetic, carefully selected materials such as organic cotton and muslin are responsible for the pleasure of PINTO girls’ clothing. We choose only certified, fully safe fabrics that do not sting or irritate. One of the most important certifications we look at is OEKO-TEX Standard 100. It is obtained by fabrics in which there are no substances hazardous to health. We take great care of this because they come into contact with delicate, childlike skin.

We made sure that PINTO girls’ clothes clean well in the washing machine. We do not want to add to your responsibilities in the form of hand washing. In addition, each item comes with detailed instructions, so you are sure not to make any mistake! This will give our girls’ clothing a long life.

Who are we?

We are parents of three daughters and we are committed to making them happy girls who believe in their abilities. We don’t want them to grow up believing that their gender sets them at a disadvantage in life.
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Polish brand supporting ecology and the KOSMOS Foundation

When creating clothes for girls, we look to the future. We are committed to making your daughters feel great not only here and now, but also in the future. What do we mean? Concern for the environment, of course. We ensure that our activities have minimal impact on them. That’s why we rely on clothes sewn in Poland, because in this way we eliminate the need to import fabrics from distant factories, where labor standards differ significantly from ours.

We are close to the idea of zero waste. We are constantly striving to optimize production to utilize every scrap of material. However, when we happen to have some clippings left over, we quickly give them a second life! We have joined our friends from gego.world in a unique action of Cuttings For Doggies. Dzięki temu skrawki materiałów trafiają do ogromnych, miękkich poduch dla zwierząt.

Moreover, we don’t want our girls’ clothes to ever end up in the trash. They are characterized by high quality, so they can serve for many years! When your little one grows out of something, give PINTO items a new life. Let them enjoy another girl as much as your daughter. We decided to make the process easier! We created the Girls of Pinto group, a special place where you will exchange clothes or just sell them. Sometimes, however, it happens that the clothes are no longer usable. In that case, send them back to us, and along with the clippings, they will feed the dog’s cushions!

There is another important aspect to PINTO’s operations. When you buy our fashionable clothes for girls, you support the Cosmos For Girls Foundation. Every 3% from PINTO’s sales goes to her. The foundation aims to improve the lives of girls in Poland, including by responding to the problems they face in adulthood. The foundation proves that a universe of possibilities stretches before them and they can become anything they want. It supports dreams of being a doctor, physicist, actress, athlete or mother.


We support the girls in their choices and want to give them the confidence to pursue their goals. No restrictions, no worries that it doesn’t work out, and no fear of conventions. We show that it is worth it for them to draw inspiration in life from courageous women who have become role models! Our clothing for girls is created in tribute to famous women from the world of science, art, politics and sports. PINTO’s clothes bear their names, and we briefly described their history on the labels.

Are the ideas of PINTO close to you? So take a look at our blog, where you can find more content in the spirit of GIRLPOWER and practical advice on conscious parenting. And if you know that high quality, beautiful clothes and concern for the environment are your world, welcome to the #GirlsOfPinto club!

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