What is PINTO?

Pinto – what is PINTO? Good question ? From the very beginning when we thought about the creation of our brand, we thought of a name in Esperanto, after all, this language was created to unite, just like our brand. Dialogue, bonding and non-exclusion. Yes! Definitely these values are consistent with us. We are to […]

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Something very personal… for the Day of the Lost Child

The Day of the Lost Child affects more people than we would realize. Let's be together with them.

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International Day of the Girl Child

On October 11 each year we celebrate a holiday that has special meaning for us. It is a celebration of all those for whom we exist and whom we want to support – a celebration of all girls. When is Girls’ Day? The International Day of the Girl is celebrated on October 11, as established […]

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How to raise a confident girl?

The world is becoming more open to women. Although, of course, not everything is perfect in this regard, and changes toward full equality are still badly needed. You can contribute to them, and we will help you do so. We suggest how to raise a girl to be a confident, courageous woman! Why is raising […]

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What color for a girl? And why it doesn’t make sense

We are all familiar with the division of colors into typical girls’ and boys’ colors. The first category includes all pastels, especially pink. For the other, darker, muted colors, including blue. But is there a real, biological relationship between color and gender? Of course not! In fact, over the centuries and decades, the approach to […]

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Being a dad… of daughters – or what does it mean to be a real father?

Have you ever encountered such a claim that if a grandfather has a granddaughter and not a grandson, he is a grandmother’s husband and not a grandfather? A “real” grandfather only becomes a grandfather when he has a grandchild. I have also encountered the opposite claim, regarding the “real” grandmother. Does this adage, or superstition […]

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I’m not a girl, not yet a woman… (Anna Osinska)

About understanding a few words. Wednesday evening, arriving at 10 pm. The clatter of bare feet. I lift my sluggish, mid-week head and see that beaming, laughing face, which in a moment will say “good night, mice for the night and cockroaches under the pillows.” Quick hugs, this daily attempt to extend time out of […]

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