Blouses for girls It might seem that girls' blouses are the most ordinary part of the closet. But not in PINTO! We wanted them to be unique, exactly like the girls they would reach. And it worked! They look great and are super comfortable. In our blouses for girls, nothing gets in the way of free exploration of the reality around them. Check out why PINTO blouses are the perfect option for your little one.
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  • Girls’ blouses with frills or cutouts – fashionable and comfortable

    There is no room for boredom at PINTO. Blouses for girls are decorated with interesting details, thanks to which each item becomes wonderfully original. We find the frills in particular to be insanely cute. We use them in moderation, so the girls’ blouses look lovely, but also very contemporary. A sizable ruffle along the neckline or small ruffles on the shoulders instead of the classic ruffles? The wow effect is guaranteed. We know your daughter will love them. Long sleeve blouses for girls with open shoulders are equally interesting. The small cutouts are an original touch, giving the simple cut a feisty touch.To make things even more interesting, a lot of attention was paid to the choice of colors. An unobvious mustard, a deep shade of ink, a dirty pink, a blue reminiscent of a cloudy sky, as well as the classic white and black… Each of them will make even a gray day instantly gain an interesting color. But we perfectly understand that appearance is not everything. Therefore, blouses for girls do not restrict movement. They are just very comfortable. This is really important when you have the whole world at your feet and a lot to discover.

    Blouses for girls with their own story

    We want there to be not only clothes but also higher goals behind the PINTO brand. We want blouses for girls to give them self-confidence. How is this possible? Well, first of all, in comfortable things everyone feels good. But that’s not all! In each girls’ blouse there is a hidden slogan addressed to its owner. We hope that these few warm words will give your girl encouragement. May she feel the power to make her dreams come true. All PINTO clothes, including blouses for girls, are named after famous women who made history. They are courageous, wise and inspiring people. We admire them for their achievements in many fields – sports, science, music or painting. For example, the Clara blouse was created in honor of the outstanding instrumentalist Clara Rockmore. Frida, on the other hand, is of course a nod to the world-famous and acclaimed painter Frida Kahlo. Information about the woman to whom the blouse is dedicated can be found on the label. Perhaps your daughter will follow in her footsteps? All ahead of her! Now she is writing her own story.

    Girls’ blouses friendly to girls and the planet

    At PINTO, we care about your child and the environment. After all, it is up to adults to determine the future of their growing kids. That’s why we sew in Poland. In this way, we reduce the need to import things from factories thousands of kilometers away, and keep the carbon footprint to a minimum. We can control the production process and working conditions on site so that they meet our standards. We always sew with certified materials. We choose non-synthetic fabrics with OEKO-TEX certification. This is a guarantee of safe use. This is of great importance, because children’s skin is very delicate. We emphasize that long sleeve blouses for girls from PINTO will serve for a long time if properly cared for. We are not interested in creating disposable clothes. You can give them a second life by giving them to someone close to you, or join the Girls of PINTO group, where parents exchange or sell our items.

    Long sleeve blouses for girls worth having

    Already know that the PINTO blouse must come to you? We are happy about it! We also have a little surprise. We always include a few small freebies in the shipment, so we encourage you to open the package with your daughter.

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