Girls' bodysuites The bodysuites works wonderfully for everyday wear, although many people associate it mainly with ballet attire. We love it for its convenience, so it had to be among our suggestions. Because, after all, it's worth conquering the world in comfortable (and, of course, pretty) clothes. We assure you that the PINTO girls' bodysuit will do an excellent job in any situation. While basking on the couch, joyfully scouting with friends or even at the school desk.
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  • Bodysuites for girls in the spirit of GIRL POWER

    We named our bodysuites Mamba. Why? It is a tribute to the women’s organization Black Mambas, fighting poaching in South Africa. We dedicate all things PINTO to exceptional women who are changing the world. On the label of each garment, we briefly described the story of our inspiration. Maybe it will become one for your daughter as well? However, the surprises do not end there. Girls’ bodysuites PINTO has sewn in a hidden password directed only to its owner. We hope it will improve her mood whenever she needs it.

    Super comfortable bodysuit for a girl made of pleasant materials

    Sometimes a bodysuit for a girl can be a better choice than a blouse. First of all, because it fits well to the body. It certainly won’t slip out from under a skirt or pants. And when your daughter is active, this will prove to be quite an advantage. To make our bodysuits for girls were even more pleasant to use, we sew them with carefully selected materials. Caring for the safety and comfort of your kids, we have chosen, environmentally friendly, eco-friendly LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose knitwear line for production. The material is also OEKO-TEX certified. As a result, our bodysuits will provide incredible comfort and make your clothes last for years to come.Thanks to the fact that we choose only high-quality materials, PINTO’s things serve for a really long time. Just wash and dry them properly. Rest assured, it is not difficult, especially since we have precise instructions for you. And one more important thing – we sew our stuff in Poland!

    Black girl’s bodysuites? Or is it more like white?

    We like girls’ bodysuites for their versatility. It looks great with both loose and fitted pants or leggings. We suggest pairing the bodysuit with PINTO Helen leggings or Sky recycled cotton jeans. But it also looks great with skirts. We assure you that the bodysuit paired with the Lise skirt will make quite an impression. From the beginning, we wanted PINTO girls’ bodysuits to match literally everything. Therefore, we opted for a simple long-sleeved cut in neutral colors. We have for you black and a white variant. We know that the classics will always defend themselves. But who knows if other shades won’t appear in the future… Anything is possible!

    Girls’ bodysuites in various sizes

    In the case of this garment, size is of particular importance. The bodysuit must fit perfectly to really fit well and be comfortable as it should be. Fortunately, sizing is not a problem at PINTO. We have for you girls’ bodysuits in sizes 146/152, as well as girls’ bodysuits in sizes 134/140 and 122/128. Thanks to the neutral design, our clothes look good on girls wearing different sizes and of all ages,.

    Bodysuites for girls PINTO

    We have made sure that girls’ bodysuits, and in general all things from under the PINTO needle, give girls confidence. Our goal is to create not just apparel, but something more. At PINTO, we support your kids in their relentless pursuit of their dreams. Because we believe that they can be who they want to be, and the world is open to them. And well, everything is more pleasant in comfortable clothes. So we welcome your little heroine to join the #GirlsOfPinto ranks. Let her feel the real GIRL POWER!

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