Clothing care instructions

1. Focus on quality

We sew our clothes with high-quality non-synthetic materials. That’s the standard we have. By taking proper care of them you will ensure their long life.

2. Read laundry regulations

We try to select materials so that they are not problematic to wash, especially so that they do not have to be washed by hand. Some of our clothes need to be washed exactly according to the instructions, some even need to be washed before they are worn for the first time to reach their target size. It is normal for natural materials to have their shrinkage. In the course of the production of clothes we paid special attention to this, so that you do not feel disappointed that after washing the sleeve or leg shrunk. Detailed descriptions can be found next to the product. In addition, as part of the shipment, you will receive such information from us so that you do not miss it!

3. Left side

Before washing, sort the clothes by color scheme and turn the fabric inside out. The material then does not lose its color. Ironing is also worth doing on the left side. Although many of our fabrics look good and without ironing

4. Avoid automatic dryers

Our clothes feel best when dried slowly, hung up on traditional dryers. By avoiding automatic dryers you are also taking care of the environment.

Our materials (depending on the type of product)

We produce only from certified materials. This is especially important for children’s clothing that comes into contact with delicate skin. We provide safety combined with comfort and high quality clothing.

1. Materials with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification

One of the world’s best-known certifications given to materials tested for harmful substances. The certification label is intended to highlight the quality of certain products in which no substances hazardous to health will be experienced.

2. Materials with GOTS certification

The origin of the fibers according to GOTS standard should be natural, and crops should be grown organically, based on relevant international guidelines. In addition – products should not contain any materials made with GMOs.
In the GOTS standard – proper water management plays an important role. Manufacturers are required to use treatment plants and a closed water cycle.
We use the highest GOTS category – Organic. This means that the material consists of, at least, 95% certified organic fibers.

3. Natural viscose knitted fabric LENZING™ ECOVERO™.

This is an environmentally friendly, eco-friendly knitwear line. LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose fibers are made from wood pulp sourced from certified natural and renewable sustainably managed forest resources. The environmentally friendly production of LENZING™- ECOVERO™ viscose fibers allows for reduced CO2 emissions and up to 50% less water consumption compared to standard viscose production.

4. Nickel-free zippers from the renowned YKK company

YKK has developed anti-knock products that are highly specialized products and meet European requirements. Survey results show that 2% of men and 10% of women are allergic to nickel. Accessories containing nickel in direct contact with the skin can cause itching and rashes. That is why we do not use not only nickel-plated zippers, but also nickel-plated buttons in our products. All in the interest of children’s safety.

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