We create girls' dresses that not only look great, but also mean something! Through our projects, we want to give girls confidence. With it, they will walk confidently through life and become whoever they want to be. We care that they feel comfortable in them. At PINTO, even a dress with frills doesn't impose anything. So forget the stereotypes! In our clothes, children can simply be themselves.
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  • Girls’ dresses for special tasks

    In order for a girl’s clothes to really please and serve their purpose, they must be comfortable. We assure you that PINTO children’s dresses are exactly that. We know this because we paid a lot of attention to this issue during design. Thus, in dresses, your child can indulge in games without feeling uncomfortable. In a comfortable dress, exploring the world is even more fun! Whether meeting with peers, with family, or scouting the playground – dresses for girls will do a flawless job. And the pockets are sure to hold plenty of treasures worth carrying with you at all times.

    Dresses for years to come from certified materials

    The fabrics we used are responsible for the comfort, but also the pleasure of use and the nice appearance of the dresses. We attach special importance to them! After all, they come into contact with a child’s delicate skin. We use natural, completely safe materials, as confirmed by the OEKO-TEX Standard 10 certificate. Among the fabrics we use, you will also find those with the GOTS category – Organic. This means that the material in question was made from up to 95% certified organic fibers.

    We also took care of the smallest details, such as the locks. We opted for a nickel-free variant from the reliable YKK company. All in the interest of your little ones! We give our word that with proper care of girls’ dresses, they will last a really long time. Besides, the entire production process takes place in Poland, so if you want to support local activities, PINTO clothing is a good choice.

    Girls’ dresses with character

    Although comfort is the key, we have not forgotten about the interesting design of clothes for girls. There is no room for boredom at PINTO. We have prepared unique, most beautiful dresses for girls, in which (if they wish) they will conquer the world. They are distinguished by original, fashionable colors. A lovely pink, an endless ocean blue or perhaps a tasty banana shade? You will certainly choose a variant that suits your young heroine.

    But after all, color is not everything. The cut is equally important. We opted for simplicity, but with original touches. We have dispensed with flashy lettering or appliqués in favor of embellishments in the form of frills and small details. Such dresses for girls with frills can be styled in a myriad of ways. One day your daughter can feel like a chic lady, and other times put on a full-blown casual look. The choice is always hers alone.

    The most beautiful dresses for girls inspired by famous women

    Women have always inspired with their strength, achievements and courage. At PINTO, we dedicate our dresses to them. This remarkable group included Nadia Comaneci, Bebe Vio, Sara Seager or even Queen Elizabeth II! By naming clothes after them, we pay tribute to them. Each of them is a truly outstanding figure who has really achieved a lot. They set a worthy example, but also a lot of faith that being a woman, you can do anything. This is our #GirlsOfPinto. These are women from the world of sports, art, science or politics. And what will your daughter choose? Perhaps the story of the woman described on the clothing label will help her. Get to know her together! You’ll also find some small gifts in the package, so it’s a good idea to open it together.

    In addition, each model has a hidden password sewn in. We want our girls’ dresses to give encouragement to every girl who receives one. Do you already know which PINTO dress will go to you?

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