Pants have firmly established themselves in a girl's closet. And very well. They provide unparalleled comfort. After all, a comfortable outfit is useful for girls who face new challenges and adventures every day. In PINTO pants you can walk confidently through the world. We give our word! You can find jeans, tracksuits and leggings for girls. Choose what best suits your daughter's character. Or will each option make its way into her closet?
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  • Comfortable leggings for girls

    We love leggings for girls for their versatility. They look good with a short blouse, but they also look great with a longer tunic. In any case, they do not restrain movement. It’s the perfect outfit for unbridled play at home, in the backyard, on the playground, or even on a bike. Although, we assure you that you can also ask a chic question in them. We are committed to making every girl feel herself in our items. We have prepared clothes for you, not disguises.

    Eco-friendly and for special tasks – jeans for girls from PINTO

    Jeans are a timeless classic that will never go out of style. This applies to both adult and children’s clothing. We could not deny ourselves the pleasure of creating jeans for girls. But these are no ordinary pants. First of all, we sew them from recycled cotton. We want to take care of the environment! We do this for future generations, including your daughter.

    Well, and jeans for girls just look fantastic. Refined details and perfect cut are of great importance to us. We assure you that they guarantee additional points to your self-confidence. They will do well at school, when meeting with friends, and even at home, because we took care of their comfort.

    Girls’ sweatpants, or complete freedom at its best

    Girls proudly wear tracksuits wherever they want. Not just in the gym! Now this Girl’s pants that will perform flawlessly every day. Superbly designed cut and original colors definitely make them stand out. Tasty banana shade, distinguished mustard or deep ink color? The choice can be difficult. One thing is certain – there is no room for boredom here. Girls’ sweatpants is always a hit.

    Pants for girls from PINTO Wear

    Our brand was created to support girls. We depend on them to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams without hesitation. Because women can do anything! We want them to be aware of this from an early age. When designing PINTO clothes, we were inspired by famous women from the world of art, sports or politics. Our clothes bear their names. That’s why you’ll find girls’ jeans named SKY after Sky Brown or girls’ MARGARET sweatpants created in tribute to Margaret Hamilton. We have briefly described the stories of these special characters on the tags. It is worth reading them together. This is an interesting experience that will give your daughter wings. Or will it also inspire her to take action? Who knows! We can’t wait for her to join the Girls of PINTO club.

    Besides, PINTO girls’ pants are meant to give every girl a boost. Surely you are wondering how this is possible. Well, in each pair there was a hidden password addressed precisely to a small user. We hope that it will make him approach life with courage and enthusiasm.

    Girls’ pants in suitable fabrics and sizes

    We use OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified materials, which means they are completely safe for health. This is extremely important to us, because we know how delicate children’s skin can be. Non-synthetic fabrics are selected with special care so that they not only look right, but also serve for many years. With proper care, the materials will retain their qualities. Our pants come in several sizes: 98/104, 110/116, 122/128, 134/140, 146/152. You will easily choose the right one. In addition, the entire production process takes place in Poland. If you have any questions about our girls’ pants, feel free to contact us!

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