How to raise a confident girl?

The world is becoming more open to women. Although, of course, not everything is perfect in this regard, and changes toward full equality are still badly needed. You can contribute to them, and we will help you do so. We suggest how to raise a girl to be a confident, courageous woman!

Why is raising girls in the spirit of freedom and independence so important?

Over the years, perpetuated stereotypes have left a visible mark on culture and society. To this day, we still encounter the false belief that the female gender is weaker, overly emotional, unstable, and therefore dependent on men. This translates into pervasive inequality, evident, for example, in lower wages for the same jobs (gender pay gap). Fortunately, informed parents who know how to raise a confident girl can make a big difference in this regard.

Raising girls vs. communication

Let’s start with the fact that all parents have some idea of the qualities they would like to assign to their daughter. You certainly want her to be smart, confident, brave, independent and know her worth. But in order for it to become so, you must help it to do so. One space that is particularly important in building a relationship with your daughter is the language of communication. What messages you direct to her on a daily basis determines more than you may think.

So always attach importance to the words you speak. They have a lot of power. Inadvertently thrown messages hurt and leave permanent marks in the mind and feelings of the child! In addition, the way you speak to the child is of considerable importance. The tone of voice, facial expressions and gestures accompanying the words create a complete message. Take care that it is consistent, sincere and thoughtful. Children build their self-esteem based on the words directed toward them. Only a positive message helps them shape it properly. Keep in mind that the youngest toddlers believe every word given to them!

How to raise a confident girl with a healthy self-esteem?

You must start by providing her with support to build her self-esteem. In order for your daughter to grow into a confident girl, she should hear from an early age that she is valuable and important to you. Support her in discovering her strengths. Try to instill in her that she doesn’t need to change to meet other people’s expectations. It’s an issue that especially concerns its appearance. As you know, women constantly have to struggle with many expectations in this aspect, which of course makes no sense at all! Through the support and acceptance that you will give your daughter at an early age, she will quickly understand that she does not have to give in to the ever-present pressure, which is very hurtful.

How to raise a girl who will grow up to be an independent woman?

Another important element in the girl’s upbringing is to support her in her independent activities and cheer her on in her challenges. Even despite the failures! This will make her resourceful and exploratory, which in turn will allow her to find her way in any situation in adult life. Also, always remind people that there are several ways out of every situation, so it’s worth trying. At the same time respect the choices he makes. This will make her feel important as well as understood.

Raising girls who cope with adversity

Just as important as celebrating successes is dealing with failures. This is a very valuable lesson to introduce quite early. How to communicate it? You can explain to your daughter that making mistakes and various failures is a completely natural courseof action. They do not prove her worth at all, only that she is trying to achieve her goal. And that means a lot. Especially since not everyone has to be great at everything they do.

Belief in being enough

The upbringing of girls should convey to them the realization that they are enough. The feeling of not being pretty enough, thin enough, read enough or funny enough (examples can be multiplied endlessly) constantly accompanies modern women. The pursuit of an unattainable ideal benefits many cosmetic companies, but certainly not the individuals themselves. When behavioral requirements are added to appearance expectations, an impossible pattern emerges. As parents, you can protect your child from this trap! How? Instill in her from an early age that everyone is unique in their own way. Do not encourage her to compare herself with other people. This makes no sense, for it can cause unnecessary complexes. It is better to say that he can draw positive inspiration from others, but without diminishing his own merits.

Important learning to accept emotions

Every person, and therefore every girl and later woman, can experience a whole range of feelings and not be ashamed of them at all. Joy, sadness, anger – every child has a right to them! As parents, you should never shame your child for what he feels, but help him understand his new emotions. After all, each of the feelings has a meaning and function in life.

Raising girls, or what never to do!

Unfortunately, there are also behaviors and words that embed adolescent girls in an undesirable pattern of a woman who doesn’t step out of line, doesn’t accept herself and doesn’t value her achievements. Taking off from such a position becomes much more difficult! In view of this, never compare your daughter to other people. Under no circumstances criticize, humiliate or ridicule your child! Also, do not say that she is unable to do something just because of her gender.

Also avoid hurtful stereotypes. These include the selection of closet in sweet, often pink shades. This, in turn, involves assigning girls certain aforementioned characteristics, giving them specific toys and organizing what are considered girly activities. Instead, give your daughter free rein in choosing the colors of clothes and games. This is definitely a more developmental approach that can contribute to her discovering her true passions.

Raising girls based on good role models

And now a few words of conclusion. As parents, also always keep in mind the importance of the example coming from the top, that is, from you. For your child, you are the closest person he observes every day. This means that how you approach each other will undoubtedly affect her perception of relationships in the world.
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