International Day of the Girl Child

On October 11 each year we celebrate a holiday that has special meaning for us. It is a celebration of all those for whom we exist and whom we want to support – a celebration of all girls.

When is Girls’ Day?

The International Day of the Girl is celebrated on October 11, as established by UN General Assembly Resolution No. A/RES/66/170 of December 19, 2011. The document lays out the basis for establishing the day, indicating, among other things, that it aims to empower girls, break the cycle of discrimination and violence, and increase girls’ participation in decision-making and the effective exercise of human rights. In general, the holiday aims to bring the public closer to the special challenges facing girls around the world.

Challenges facing girls

The biggest problem the girls’ own perception of their own worth. History has shown that women have realized with complete success not only the challenges stereotypically assigned to them, but also those assigned to men. In doing so, they proved that it is not gender that is a limitation to pursuing one’s passions and dreams, but the social assignment of roles to both sexes. Both men and women suffer. As part of the PINTO philosophy, we are trying to prove to you that such women existed and still exist. Do you like to ride a board? Take a look at Sky Brown! Can’t take your eyes off the starry sky? Sara Seager had that too! Do you love to play with experiments? Look at what Maria Curie-Sklodowska or Lise Meitner achieved. They didn’t care that they were women and were entering a “man’s world.” They did what they loved and what they were passionate about.

Wishes for Girls’ Day

We wish you that your voice is always heard and not just heard (at school too!) We wish you more understanding of your problems from those around you.
We wish you could mate with other girls and mate with guys, without any subtext or negative shipping.
We wish you sincere friendships
We also wish you a mass of sleepovers and outings with friends.
We wish and fulfill these coveted pets, after all, you are so cool with them and teach them to care for a living being
So that you get angry when you need it and slack! That’s the way it has to be sometimes!
So that you eat lunches and breakfasts at school in peace, without rushing….
So that no one judges you hastily!
So that you can have your space to explore the world in your own way!

Be yourself…because everyone else is already taken ­čśŐ.


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