Our philosophy

From the beginning, we wanted to use the power of our brand for higher purposes. That is why we are called PINTO. Where did the name come from? We wanted to find a keyword that would convey why we were founded and why we want to act. We want a reality where every girl believes in her abilities and can achieve everything she wants. Therefore, this word – the key for us – was “peak.” We want to support girls to be confident individuals – now and in the future. To give them courage on their way to the top. We want to help them freely explore the world – in their own way.
The ideal direction was to look towards Esperanto, which was to be a neutral and easy-to-learn international language that would facilitate communication for representatives of different nationalities. Dialogue, connecting and non-exclusion are also values close to us.

Hence PINTO – meaning in Esperanto: “peak, top”.

We also chose the forget-me-not as our symbol for a reason. This is because the forget-me-not symbolizes true love, fidelity, a long-lasting relationship and remembering someone. These feelings are close to us and we want them to be close to our customers as well

It’s all about GRLPOWR

The world is full of inspiring women. They broke stereotypes and realized themselves, regardless of everything and everyone. Let them be an inspiration to us as well. Each product is a tribute to those women who lived both in the past and are living today. Each of them is our #GirlsOfPinto.

A password that only I know

We want to support and motivate our little women at all times. Each model contains a hidden slogan to give encouragement to its bearer. The password is just for her, like a hidden friend whispering in her ear. Friends 4ever!

3% for the Kosmos Foundation

We also translate our goals into real help. From every product you buy, we donate 3% to the Cosmos For Girls Foundation. The foundation’s goal is to change the lives of girls in Poland for the better and solve the problems they face growing up. The foundation firmly believes that the girls have tremendous potential. It shows them a universe of possibilities. So that they have the courage to be leaders, neuroscientists, mathematicians, moms, do-it-yourselfers or soccer players… or whatever they want in the future. Together we fight for a common cause!


Clippings for the pooch

We greatly optimize our production, minimizing the waste generated. Wanting to behave responsibly towards the environment, we decided from the very beginning that we wanted to give a second life to offcuts of materials that we could no longer use in production. That’s why we joined the campaign organized by our friends at gego.world. We too don’t like to waste and throw away, hence we joined the idea of making something more useful out of leftover material than another garbage bag. Instead of filling dumpsters with scraps of materials, we fill them with huge and cozy cushions for the dogs that will go to shelters. We act responsibly.


Make someone a gift!

We especially know how important it is to give gifts to our loved ones on an important occasion, or even so, without occasion – as an expression of love. Therefore, we have prepared for you the opportunity to choose a special form of packaging. On the card of a given product you can indicate that the clothes are to be gift-wrapped. Then we will pack the cardboard box in PINTO decorative paper and attach a string along with a dedicated greeting card. We hope it will express all your emotions.


We want to be fair, both to the planet and to our customers. We realize that our activities are not without impact on our environment. However, we also realize that the need for new clothing will not go away. That’s why we are taking measures to reduce this impact, so as to give our customers the opportunity to buy clothes that are not imported from factories thousands of kilometers away, where working conditions are often far from our standards.

  • Appropriate materials

    We produce only from certified materials. This is especially important for children’s clothing that comes into contact with delicate skin. We provide safety combined with comfort and high quality clothing. For details, see How to take care of clothing.

  • Zero waste

    Our production process is optimized to use every scrap of material. What we don’t manage to consume we donate to clothing recyclers or use to make pillows for animals.

  • Don’t throw away clothes that are too small

    We don’t want our clothes to ever land in a landfill. If the clothes you buy from us are no longer useful after some time, but are in good condition then join our group Girls of Pinto, Where you will be able to exchange them with others or sell them. However, if the goods are no longer suitable for further use then send them back to us. We will treat it as our scraps and donate it for recycling or support shelters. Zero waste!

Quality of service

With each product representation, you will also see our clothes from the inside!

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