Both little and bigger girls need rest after an eventful day. Hopping into your favorite pajamas after a bath is its perfect complement. Especially one that will pleasantly wrap your body and look super at the same time! Pajamas for girls from PINTO have all the features of a perfect sleepwear. Which baby sleepwear items will make their way into your closet?
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  • Pajamas for children – girls to create their own story

    We curiously ponder what the Roman speaker Hortensia, after whom our pants are named, might have been dreaming about. And what might the writer Laura Ingalls Wilder have dreamed? She inspired us to create the Laura pajama shirt. Anyway, all of PINTO’s clothes were created as a tribute to women who realized themselves courageously, regardless of adversity. Their stories are described on the labels of girls’ pajamas. However, the surprises do not end there. In each girl’s pajamas we have hidden a positive slogan that only the owner can read. We know that sometimes a few words can effectively improve the mood.

    Pajamas for children – Polish manufacturer PINTO

    Every PINTO sleepwear is made in Poland. We believe that local production is of great importance. It reduces the need to import clothes from distant corners of the world, which is certainly not indifferent to the planet. Besides, we don’t want to sew in factories thousands of kilometers away, where we have no way to control working conditions. And we are committed to ensuring that PINTO’s clothes are created under fair conditions.

    We make sure that children’s sleep pajamas have impeccable quality. That’s why we sew them only with certified, safe materials. We choose fabrics with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, which means that they do not contain harmful substances. Non-synthetic materials are much more pleasant to wear and do not irritate children’s skin. Our pajamas for children, or rather girls, are made, among other things. Made of LENZING™ ECOVERO™ natural viscose knit fabric. Bamboo viscose is an environmentally friendly fiber. Its production does not require as much CO2 and water as ordinary viscose. It’s an air permeable material, making it suitable for both warm and cool days.

    Sleeping pajamas for children in various sizes

    PINTO caters to the needs of children of different ages. That’s why we offer 154/146 girls’ pajamas for slightly older girls and quite a few smaller sizes. PINTO will have pajamas for girls 140/134, 122/128, 110/116 and 98/104. We hope you will choose pajamas whose dimensions fit your daughter.

    Summer pajamas for girls? How about a winter variant?

    A good night’s sleep is important all year round, so at PINTO we have girls’ pajamas for every season. Summer pajamas for girls are, of course, a short sleeve blouse and short pants. In such an outfit, even during hot weather, your child will comfortably sleep. However, short pajamas can also be used in winter, especially for children who are not fond of long models or if the temperature in the house is quite high.

    In the colder months, a long-sleeve pajama blouse and long pants are a hit. And here we must emphasize that the bamboo material from which we sew baby sleeping things performs flawlessly regardless of the temperature.

    Comfortable girls’ pajamas that provide full freedom

    We want your daughter to feel comfortable. Both on a daily basis and in sleep. That’s why we pay so much attention to the cut of the pajamas. We managed to create cuts that do not restrain movement, no matter what position its owner sleeps in. Girls’ pajamas are loose enough that they do not restrict movement. At the same time, they fit nicely and lie well on the figure. We believe that in our stuff dreams will be extremely pleasant!

    We must emphasize that when it comes to nightwear, we focus on stylish minimalism. We give up on lettering or designs. While we obviously love the decorative frills, we understand that they could get in the way when relaxing. Therefore, instead of very decorative elements, we opted for subtle finishing on the edges of blouses and pants. Our pajamas for girls have ruffled edges that add a lot of charm. For that, they will certainly not disturb peaceful sleep.

    Sleeping outfit in which colorful dreams will come quickly

    At PINTO, we give you complete freedom in composing your sets. The pajama blouse and pants are items that can be purchased separately. If you only need a T-shirt or only pants – no problem. But if you’re looking for perfectly matched pieces, you’ll find them with us, too. All thanks to the same colors of pants and shirts.

    We know that in the evening comes the time to calm down. It is favored by the shades of PINTO pajamas. These are non-obvious, but really beautiful, muted colors. Subtle pink or milky purple will make your daydreams colorful. As a Polish manufacturer of children’s pajamas, PINTO hopes that even at night your little one has extraordinary adventures, though of course in their sleep. Want to know more? Sound off!

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