Welcome to the world of Girls Of Pinto! Our clothes are made of certified materials, and the entire production process takes place in Poland. We take care of ecology in the spirit of "zero waste" so as not to generate unnecessary waste. In our collection you will find everything you need, from accessories such as caps and scarves, dresses, skirts, sweatshirts, blouses and trousers. We are constantly developing our collection, wanting to provide the best quality and most durable products. Taking care of our customers, we ensured free delivery (from certain amount) and 100 days return policy. You can try on the selected clothes without fear that the deadline will soon pass.
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  • Taking care of the safety and comfort of your children, we chose the highest quality materials with appropriate certificates, including the OEKO-TEX certificate. Thanks to this, our clothes will serve for many years. We designed them to suit your style as well. The character of the clothes is given by additional decorations and details, instead of many inscriptions or prints. Thanks to this, PINTO clothes will match the parents’ clothes, while maintaining a childish character.
    We have designed the clothes so that they allow you to spend your family time comfortably, whether at home or in the playroom or on a bicycle trip.
    Each product has a hidden slogan to cheer the girls up and support them in their daily challenges. We dedicated all the blouses to inspiring women. Check who has been dedicated clothing that interested you. An interesting herstory can also be found on the garment tag. Read it with your daughter, make her be proud to be a woman and to achieve anything. In addition, we add a few small freebies to each order, so we encourage you to open the package with your child.

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