Skirts for girls We love girls' skirts. But they must meet certain conditions. They should be as comfortable as they are pretty. The models available at PINTO are exactly that. Because our things are created with girls in mind, who have lots of adventures every day and walk through life with confidence. Our stuff will give them confidence. Are you wondering how this is possible? We have our reliable ways! Find out why your little one will love PINTO's fashionable skirts for girls.
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  • Skirts for girls as comfortable as favorite pants

    We have made sure that our skirts for girls match the comfort of tracksuits. This is largely due to the carefully selected materials. At PINTO, we use only safe, non-synthetic fabrics. As a result, nothing will irritate or pinch a child’s delicate skin. Another element responsible for wearing comfort is, of course, the cut. Developing the perfect cut is quite a challenge, but we did it! Children’s skirts lie like a glove. And at the same time they look really chic. They will prove useful during important occasions in children’s lives, such as birthday parties or gatherings with friends. Although the PINTO skirt will also work well for sweet laziness at home.

    Denim skirts with a perverse character

    PINTO girls’ skirts are in line with current trends in children’s fashion, while proving to be wonderfully timeless. All because we opted for classic cuts and colors, but enriched with contemporary touches. For example, the slightly flared Christine denim skirt has discreet stitching, large buttons and a decorative label in a contrasting color. Because the devil is in the details. Anyway, we love the blue of this skirt – it reminds us of the sky, although we also see marine notes in it. What do you guys see in it? Who knows! And denim itself is associated with freedom, but also versatility. It perfectly suits the character of an adventurous girl, before whom the world is open.

    We used high quality recycled cotton for the production, so you care about the environment together with us!

    Moreover, we like denim skirts for girls, because they do a good job anytime and anywhere. They have a laid-back feel to them, but just pair them with a ruffled blouse and you’ll instantly have a stylish look. They will go great if only in combination with the PINTO Clara blouse.

    Skirt with suspenders for girls – pretty and insanely practical

    PINTO always responds to the needs of small but very active kids. We completely understand that there are plenty of challenges waiting for your daughter every day, and the outfit must keep up with her. Therefore, we have created skirts with suspenders for girls. It is an original, but also a practical piece of clothing. Thanks to the suspenders, everything stays in place in even the most exuberant play. In addition, they have a somewhat pendulous feature. Just combine our skirt for girls with a simple blouse and a super set is ready! The Lise model goes fantastically with a body called Mamba. Together they look really good – this is confirmed information.

    Children’s skirts made of safe materials that surprise with quality

    Both casual and elegant PINTO girls’ skirts will stay with you for a long time. We also hope that when your little one grows out of them, they will be given a second life. This is possible because we sew girls’ skirts from carefully selected materials. We only reach for durable, certified fabrics. We choose those with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, which is known virtually worldwide. This means that our fashionable skirts for girls (as well as other things) do not have substances hazardous to health in their composition. With proper care according to our tips, they are sure to keep their good looks for many years. To make it as easy as possible, we include accurate washing and drying information in each package. You certainly won’t miss them!

    Importantly, we sew in Poland. Local production reduces the need to transport clothes from far corners of the world, which is harmful to the planet. In addition, we support the domestic economy.

    Skirts for girls with a mission

    At PINTO, girls’ skirts have unique names. It’s not a coincidence! They are derived from the names of famous women in many fields. We are inspired by female painters, queens, athletes, scientists, instrumentalists… On each children’s skirt there is a short story of the woman in whose honor we named the item. Be sure to read it together. Who knows, maybe your daughter will follow in the footsteps of physicist Lise Meitner, in whose honor the Lisa skirt was created? Or maybe she will be inspired by the fate of agent Krystyna (Christine) Skarbek, in tribute to whom we created the Christine model? It’s worth finding out.

    However, PINTO’s surprises do not end there. Each item from our store has a hidden password sewn into it, which will bring a lot of joy to the little wearer and is sure to give her a lot of energy to do! Well, it remains for us to add that we can’t wait for your daughter to join the ranks of #GirlsOfPinto! And if you want to know more about what we do, we warmly invite you to contact us.

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