Little girls need freedom. But we know that they also like to look good. At PINTO, we enable them to do both. We have created super comfortable girls' t-shirts, without which it is difficult to imagine a child's closet. Or at least we can't! You can run, jump or laze on the couch in them. When paired with a skirt, they will do a great job. Check out our girls' shirts and you'll understand what we mean!
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  • T-shirts for girls – the power of simplicity!

    We stick to the principle that girls’ shirts do not need much to look great. That’s why the t-shirts at PINTO have a simple cut without embellishments. Instead, we rely on carefully crafted cuts that sit nicely on the silhouette. The right length and sleeves of the right width determine the comfort of the wearer. At PINTO, clothes must meet the expectations of even the most demanding girls and, of course, their parents.

    We opted for stylish simplicity in terms of colors. We like one-color things, and that’s what our T-shirts usually are. We love non-obvious but in-your-face colors, such as subtly bleached yellow or pink. Importantly, PINTO girls’ t-shirts can be worn any way you like. They match with leggings and pants, which you can also find in our store. Although with a skirt they also pass the test! They will do well at home, when playing outside or meeting with friends.

    Girls’ t-shirts in materials you’ll love

    At PINTO, we want to take care of the girls’ well-being in every way. One issue that affects them is the comfort of wearing clothes. We achieve it, thanks to the materials. We reach for high-quality fabrics, such as cotton, which pleasantly wraps delicate children’s skin. In addition, we are keen to use safe materials, so we choose those with GOTS certificates. According to this standard, the fibers are natural, and the crops from which they are derived were grown using organic methods that comply with international guidelines.

    Girls’ shirts made of cotton are breathable, so even during the most vigorous play your daughter will not get hot in them! Plus, with proper treatment, they will serve a really long time! So that you have no doubts about washing or ironing temperatures, we include detailed care instructions in each shipment.

    T-shirts for girls who can do more!

    Every girl is looking for her own way. Childhood is a time of discovery of the world and of self. You can help her with this by presenting inspiring role models. It will become easier with our t-shirts for girls! All because PINTO’s items are created as a tribute to exceptional women who came to be through their special discoveries and achievements. The inspiring figures included female scientists, writers, actresses or athletes. That’s what our shirts are named after! The story of each heroine is always briefly described on the tag of the item. Get acquainted with it together with your child. Maybe with this, your daughter will discover her purpose in life or just a new hobby?

    However, the surprises do not end there. In each T-shirt for girls we have hidden a special secret password, which we address exclusively to its little owner. It is to give her encouragement when she needs it! Besides, the package from PINTO always includes small gifts, so we encourage you to open it together with your child.

    T-shirts for kids – for girls who conquer the world!

    We sew our girls’ shirts in Poland. This is very important to us, as it minimizes the environmental impact of production. In addition, we are assured that each item is created under ethical conditions. We believe that your daughter will like PINTO girls’ t-shirts and will soon experience many fantastic adventures in them! We can’t wait to welcome her to the ranks of #GirlsOfPinto!

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