Tunics for girls

If not a dress or a blouse... then of course a tunic! This unique piece of clothing is perfect for your kid's extremely active lifestyle. After all, it's a good idea to face daily challenges in a comfortable, yet nice outfit. At PINTO, we understand the needs of little girls very well. We want to support them through our clothing and brand message. Check out why girls' tunics are a hit.
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  • Fashionable tunics for girls with a thoughtful cut

    Tunics for girls are to be, above all, comfortable. We took this as a starting point in their design. That’s why they are slightly longer than the usual blouses. As a result, nothing gets wrapped up even during crazy games. In order to add some character to fashionable tunics for girls, we put interesting details. The Bebe model has an asymmetrical hem and an original neckline. It’s a loose chimney where nothing will pinch or squeeze. Zero discomfort, for maximum freedom! To make it even more interesting, we took care of the unusual design of the sleeves. They have welts that taper at the forearms.

    We dispensed with flashy designs or lettering. We replaced them with thoughtful cuts and refined details. Do not be afraid that this will make the clothes lose their childish character! Simplicity has a unique charm. Especially when combined with an offbeat color scheme. The ambiguous yet very versatile blue, deep ink color or trendy mustard shade of PINTO tunics appeal to both parents and children.

    Long sleeve tunics for girls perfect for cooler days

    Girls’ tunics cover the bottom of the back and have long sleeves, so they work flawlessly on cold winter and autumn days. With the right outfit, your daughter will brave unpleasant gusts of wind and low temperatures. Importantly, PINTO long sleeve tunics for girls can be worn comfortably under a jacket or cardigan. This is due to their thoughtful cut. The fitted sleeves do not wrap around, as does the longer back. We assure you that even in an onion outfit tunics will do a good job.

    Tunics for girls 134, 140 and in many other sizes

    We are committed to ensuring that PINTO items can be worn by girls of all ages. That is why we have prepared a fairly wide cross-section of sizes. The smallest dimensions are 98/104, 110/116, 122/128. For slightly older kids we have tunics for girls 134. We use cross-sectional sizing, so it is also suitable tunics for girls 140. Currently, the largest size is 146/152. We emphasize that some clothes from our store reach their target size after the first wash. Shrinkage of materials is a perfectly normal matter. To avoid surprises and unnecessary disappointment, we describe the care information for items on the labels. To make sure you don’t miss them for sure, we include a brief washing instruction with each shipment. And all is clear!

    For your complete comfort, our items are made from safe, non-synthetic OEKO-TEX-certified materials. We sew in Poland!

    Fashionable tunics to leggings for girls from PINTO

    Can comfort and fashionable design of children’s clothes go hand in hand? Of course! Especially with the tunic plus set leggings. The fitted bottom of the outfit perfectly matches the longer top. We suggest betting on the juxtaposition of the Bebe tunic with Helen leggings. In such an outfit, your child can do whatever he or she wants. Meeting with friends, relaxing at home or going for a bike ride? There is no question of limitations in PINTO clothing.

    We also hint that tunics for girls go well with pants. They fit both with jeans and sweatpants. You can also find them in our store. These include Sky’s recycled cotton jeans and Margaret’s sweatpants in various colors.

    Fashionable tunics for girls in the spirit of GIRL POWER

    Women are our inspiration. We admire them for their courage, achievements and perseverance in pursuit of their goals. Even despite the odds. They undoubtedly make history. Your daughter too! There’s a reason why the names of PINTO’s clothes are women’s names. They come from great women who have achieved success in various fields – painting, music, sports, politics. The aforementioned Bebe tunic, for example, was created as a tribute to Bebe Vio, an Italian floret player. We described her story briefly on the tunic’s tag. To make things even more interesting, each model has a hidden password sewn in. Only the owner of the tunic knows them. We believe it will give her encouragement.

    Is a girls’ tunic the thing you need? We are happy about it! We also have a little surprise. Each package comes with a few freebies – be sure to open it with your child.

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