What is PINTO?

Pinto – what is PINTO? Good question ? From the very beginning when we thought about the creation of our brand, we thought of a name in Esperanto, after all, this language was created to unite, just like our brand. Dialogue, bonding and non-exclusion. Yes! Definitely these values are consistent with us.

We are to unite girls in our country, and maybe even in the world (who knows?) We wanted to find a key word that captures why we were founded and why we want to act. We want a reality where every girl believes in her abilities and can achieve everything she wants.

Therefore, this key word for us was “peak,” which in Esperanto just means pinto. We want to support girls to be confident individuals now and in the future. To give them courage on their way to the top. We want to help them freely explore the world in their own way.

We, meaning Monica and Peter, are raising 3 wonderful girls together, so the environment of girlhood is very natural for us. We ourselves try to raise our girls in such a way that they get rid of their complexes and trudge ahead, exploring this crazy world in their own way.

All three are totally different, totally three divergent characters… beautiful characters? one stealthy, another leading, and a third total open to all the world’s options. There is method in this craziness ?

We ourselves believe that our daughters can do anything!

If ours can do it, so can yours!


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